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We have owned a pro auqa for about 2 yrs. I was dumbfounded w the speel he gave us and vacuuming my carpet that was new. Ugh. Were we ever wrong. It does not stand up in its own and stopped sucking after like 5 mos. Come to find out it was the little door we literally have to open and scrap out nearly everytime we use it. Psin in the ***...not to mention how the whole vaccum is a pain in the ***. Fulling it,lugging the *** thing upstairs (which... Read more

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Marklee you obviously work for proaqua because I bought mine about 5-6 years ago and things broke right off the bat.I had it about 3 months when the part that keeps the whole thing standing up ,meaning pipe and hose,broke and it has never stood up.They @syracuse wanted me to pay for repairs and bring it to them an hour away.By the time we got off the phone the rude disrespectful punk *** told me I could stick the *** thing up my *** *** and I... Read more

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I have worked for the company in sweden for about four months now and there is no scam. I bought my vivenso before i started working there and i have never been happier with a vaccum cleaner or a job. You can always get in touch with your salesman or woman even if you cant reach the main office. The guarantee is good amd you'll always be treated in a good way. The only complain i have is the customers view of things, why not give it a chance... Read more

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I would strongly advise AGAINST doing any business with this company. I bought a ProAqua/Vivenso from the Auburn office. I tried to call the other day and found out they now sell Hyla. What a frightening organization. BEWARE BEWARE Add comment

I work for proaqua.. and let me tell u this. They pay less then 500 dollars for the vivenso and tell us we can even sell them for 1000 they rip people off so bad. And everyone who works there states openly and willingly the rainbow is 4 times better than the aqua. And nobody working sales for them would ever buy one themselves. Ive worked for 3 weeks and still havemt gotten paid for my sale, and my employer will not tell me how much my sale got... Read more

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I bought my Pro Aqua two years ago, salesman got me! $2500 and two years later I am in full of regret. Long story short, I have treated this vacuum very well it's in pristine shape. I vacuumed on Friday and I just wasn't feeling that the Pro Aqua was doing a good job, I have had this horrible feeling for about 6 months now but how do you tell your husband the vacuum cleaner you loved and paid $2500 for isn't doing it's job after such a short... Read more

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I have never dealt with the company or customer service as I bought mine used. I also did not pay $2000 for o e of these nor would I but the unit works very well. My parents have a rainbow and I like some of the features on this better. Build quality seems to be similar to rainbow. I've had it for 2 years and never had an issue. Look for used options in the ~$500 range and you'll have a good vacuum at a reasonable price. Read more

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Thanks for the review. Almost bought the thing just now. Luckily he did not have business card which make me wondered and read all those reviews Read more

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Bought ours in Feb 2015. Has been sent back to the factory twice because it lost suction. The power head unit is broke, it will not stand straight anymore. We have replaced both side latches on our unit. Tonight one of the new latches broke as I was carrying it down the stairs. Yes, all of the dirty water went all over our white carpeted stairs and freshly painted walls. It is not able to retain suction when cleaning up dog hair, we have to... Read more

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I bought a Pro Aqua machine in September 2015 I like that it shows how much dog hair and dirt it actually picks up each time I use it, I usually vacuum every 3 days. The only thing I didn't like was for the cost of it I feel it should come with the complete set of attactments for deep cleaning carpets and all other attchments and there should be no extra cost. I suggest before anyone decides to buy one, tell the salesman that you won't buy it... Read more

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