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We ran out of liquid vials that were given with the vacuum and the air filter/humidifier units we bought. Can't seem to find them at any local store or online.

I tried to contact my rep. for Vivenso In Corvallis, OR., and the number is no longer available. If he is out of business, or has left the company for whatever reason, then an alternate number IN THE UNITED STATES should have been given. All I need is a bottle or two of the liquid drops to put in the water of the vacuum and the "mini pros" to make it smell good and whatever other reason it is helpful ( ie., health benefits).

FOR WHAT I PAID FOR THE MACHINE, I OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO GET INFO, SERVICE, AND MAINTENENCE WHEN NEEDED! Please respond by email to give me the info I need AND a stateside phone number that I can get help. Is there another local salesperson that I need to contact? My e-mail is P>S..

We really love the machine's performance, but the maintenance to keep it cleaned out is a bit difficult. Leave me your LOCAL phone in the states and I will contact you if necessary.

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Joplin, Missouri, United States #1321246

Hi Charlie

We are sorry for any inconvenience...we would be glad to service any needs you have for your vivenso @ 417-202-4201. Please give us a call.

Thank you

Aguadilla Pueblo, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico #1318255

Yes i agree all salesmen are the same they sale for there benefit then they forget why we cant buy these item dont want them for free. then they promise you so many things cant beleive this.

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